Our Story

Who are you?

Insight Beauty has paired up with resources to support the mental health of our community! Insight beauty aims to reduce the stigma associated with mental health and to connect people to organizations that they need to support their well being. 

 Supporting the mental health of our community is the core of everything we do. When we are at our most healthy state, we can enable ourselves to live fully and meaningfully while at the same time, reinvesting our energy that leads to emotional wellness.   

How long you have been in business?

Insight Beauty was founded in 2019 with a vision. We created high quality, hand crafted Mink lashes to enhance our client's natural features regardless of ethnicity or gender to feel beautiful. Quality should never be a compromise. We bring it all to you! We are committed to being the only place you need to look great and maintain your healthy, beautiful look! 

Why you sell the items you sell?

At Insight Beauty we are passionate about beauty on the inside as much as beauty on the outside.We believe that the products we provide can offer a person the self-confidence to empower themselves to become a stronger person. Diana Miftari founder of Insight Beauty has devoted years to understand not only beauty products but also, to be educated on mental health. From an early stage she has battled through mental health issues and make up was one of the ways to help her become the strong woman she is today. We believe Insight Beauty can offer a new innovative way that mental health and beauty can be combined to be something incredible. Join us on our journey to let beauty unleash the potential within.